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This service is free to all current financial members. A fee of $25 per year will apply to non members wishing to advertise.

Those wishing to buy, sell or exchange birds to  can forward their ad to:

or mail to

The Exchange Steward African Lovebird Society,

PO Box   5131, Wheeler Heights NSW 2097.

  Ads must be lovebird related and contain a phone number and first name and location.

Ads will also appear in the bi monthly club magazine.


 Posted 8.3.2018 

 Black cheeked Lovebirds .

Young Pairs ,under 6 months old $1000 - DNA'd

Adult 10 months to @ 2 years $1,200  - DNA'd.

Mature pairs 2 to 3 years $1200  - DNA 'd.

 Can make unrelated pairs with report from Healthgene ,Canada .

All birds have no Hybrid genes ,parent raised . 

 All Birds are DNA'd for Sex and Parents DNA'd by Healthgene ,Canada to guarantee purity.Report provided to purchaser ,Freight at buyers expense ,discount available for multiple purchases .Contact John 0466315918. 


Various mutations ,mostly Yellow faced (SF & DF ) , Edged birds (Blue and green series ,SF & DF) ,Cobalts ( D & DD) ,Albino's,Lutino's ,Split Ino birds.Clearance Sale ,Interstate freight at buyers expense .Contact Lai 0414760014 or 


2017 Bred 2 x Blue Males ,1 x Dilute Blue male,1 x Cobalt hen - older bird.

Looking for pairs of pure normal Masks . 

Contact David 0404801047 or 




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