The African Lovebird Society
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Birds For Sale

This service is free to all current financial members. A fee of $25 per year will apply to non members wishing to advertise.

Those wishing to buy, sell or exchange birds to  can forward their ad to:

or mail to

The Exchange Steward African Lovebird Society,

PO Box   5131, Wheeler Heights NSW 2097.

  Ads must be lovebird related and contain a phone number and first name and location.

Ads will also appear in the bi monthly club magazine.


 Posted 27.4.2018 


Mostly Yellow faced (SF & DF ) , Edged birds (Blue and green series ,SF & DF) Albino's,Lutino's and split for Ino and lutino also available.Interstate freight at buyers expense .Contact Lai 0414760014 or 

 Wanted Masked 

Looking for pairs of pure normal Masks . 

Contact David 0404801047 or