ALBS Leg Rings

Year Rings

The nominated young bird ring for 2019 is Black, which comes in No.8 size only (5mm). Please specify the amount you wish to purchase with your order.

Please note ALBS Rings are available for purchase by current Financial Members Only:

1.Strings of 100 of one colour $59.00(includes postage & handling)

2.Strings of 50 of one colour $34.00(includes postage & handling)

3.Strings of 10 of one colour $14.00(includes postage & handling)

Rings purchased at our club meetings attract a $4 discount on all purchases .

PLEASE NOTE – Year Rings are no longer available to non-members of the ALBS.


Non Year Rings

The Society receives the rings in strings of 50 of the same colour.

Please check with the Ring Steward for available colours.

These rings come in sizes 8 and 9. Please specify when ordering:For example: If you want 50 rings in 5 different colours it will cost you $30 if you are a member and $40 if you are a non-member. If you want 100 rings in 2 different colours it will cost you $40 if you are a member and $50 if you are a non-member.


When ordering please print your order, name and address clearly for prompt return and enclose a cheque or money order for the total cost of the rings plus $4.00 for postage & handling , made out to:- The African Lovebird Society of Australia Inc.

Alternatively, you can pay for rings by Direct Deposit to out club bank account. Please contact the Ring Steward below for details.

Phone orders for rings or orders without money will no longer be accepted under any circumstances.

Send orders to-

The African Lovebird Society of Australia Inc.
The Ring Steward
Brian Holdsworth

PO Box 5131
Wheeler Heights
NSW 2097
Contact E mail [email protected] or  0409121578