Birds For Sale

This service is free to all current financial ALBS members.
Those wishing to buy, sell or exchange birds to can forward their add to:
The Exchange Steward – Keith Gray – [email protected] – 0416 214 078
Adds will also appear in the bi monthly club magazine – Agapornis Digest .


    • Peachfaced and Fischers lovebirds of various mutations and colours – Contact Colin Isbister ( Sydney) 0412 327 254 .
    • Small number of Quality Fischers lovebirds of various mutations,mostly yellow faced and Edged birds in the blue series – Contact Lai Gray (Sydney) 0414 760014 or [email protected]
    • Peachfaced lovebirds in Edged Dilute(Cherries) green and blue ,orange faced,Aqua.2017/8 Bred birds Wollongong Area 0409443286.
    • Breeding Colony of lovebirds in Violet ,blues ,pied and others.Also Fischers in Lutino ,Yellow Limes and limes + Moustache in Blue/Splits and Plumhead is Blue-Green.Peter Russell 0402 227195 or [email protected]
    • Young Peachfaced lovebirds including Greens,Pastels,Pied’s ,Lutino’s ,Opaline also Lutino Opaline – several split orange face ,some DNA to be Sexed. Contact Mal Albany WA 0427 086931


  • Pure Normal Fischers & Pure Normal Masks – looking for pure strains @ 12 months old  – Contact Dave 0404 801 047 or [email protected]
  • Black masks pairs ,unrelated ,all colours .Contact [email protected]
  • Nyasa Lovebirds – looking for a pure strain & wild type Fischers Lovebirds – Jim Benham (Singleton) 0418 412 513
  • Show cages – looking for  @ 8 contact Bob Talbot (Central Coast) ,willing to travel within reason.
  • Quality DF green (Olive masked) any unsexed of breeding age or younger .Contact email [email protected] or 0419286542 (NW Melbourne),happy to meet freight cost.