Birds For Sale

This service is free to all current financial ALBS members.
Those wishing to buy, sell or exchange birds to can forward their add to:
The Exchange Steward – Brian Holdsworth – [email protected]
Adds will also appear in the bi monthly club magazine – Agapornis Digest .


    • Yellow faced Fischer’s ,good quality birds , all ALBS rung late 2022 ,also Limes and Blues .Contact Charles 0407 895 202 located Sydney .
    • Peach faced and Fischer’s lovebirds of various mutations and colours – Contact Colin Isbister ( Sydney) 0412 327 254 .
    • Variety of Lovebirds ,normal Green as well as Mutations ,Peach faced ,Masked, Fischer’s P) Debbie 0499 975501
    • Small number of Quality Normal Fischer’s ,late rung 2023 young birds .Contact David 0404801047 or [email protected]
    • 2 x Green Pied peach face males , 2022 Rung ,Ph Natalie 0437 947181


  • 1 x  Orange face Peach face hen, 1 x Green pied Hen Ph Natalie 0437 947181
  • Pure Normal Fischer’s could swap some Fisher’s for like birds. Contact David [email protected] located Sydney .
  • DNA certified female Blue series peach face , also Orange face in Lutino’s,Lutino Opaline,Opaline,Pied and Silver Cherry .Also Violet and Turquoise opaline Peachfaces.Contact Josh E) [email protected] M)0447 568566