Normal Peachfaced Lovebird

Normal Peachfaced Lovebird. (Agapornis roseicollis)

Size 160mm

The Peachfaced Lovebird is a sexually monomorphic species i.e. males and females lookalike. ( DNA or Surgical sexing is required to identify Males and Females with 100% accuracy)

The Overall colour is green , with the wings a shade darker a Red forehead , becoming deep pink on the chest, the rump is a sky blue, beak is a horn colour and a white eye ring.

In the wild the birds inhabit arid area’s, stretching from Southwest Angola, Namiba and into Northwest South Africa.

They are found in Broadleaf woodland, semi desert and mountain area’s within close proximity to permanent water. They feed mainly on seeds and berries. At times they are known to raid cultivated crops e.g Millet and as a result are regarded as agricultural pests in rural area’s.

Feral populations occur in some countries notably Arizona in the USA.

The most popular of the lovebird species, in Australia and worldwide with more than 70 colour mutations occurring in the natural red face also yellow faced and white faced mutations. A pure wild type – normal is now considered rare in Australia.

Photo credit: Gavin Goodhart